December 2017

15 December 2017

What are the most common pitfalls of neighbourhood planning and how can they be avoided?

December’s answer is provided by Planning Consultant Clive Keble (MRTPI)

15 December 2017

Access and movement issues in rural environments

Traffic has a significant impact upon local people’s everyday experience of their community and their quality of life, from air pollution and frustrating congestion, to limited off-street parking spaces resulting in cars parked on pavements.

15 December 2017

What can community groups expect in terms of involvement in their Neighbourhood Plan examination?

Lee Armitage, Director and Co-founder of Intelligent Plans and examinations (IPe), considers what community groups can expect in terms of involvement in their neighbourhood plan examination.

15 December 2017

A new Mayor for London means a new plan follows...

London’s a big city and this is a big plan, running to just over 500 pages.

8 December 2017

October/November 2017: referendum news

17 neighbourhood plans successfully passed referendum in October and a further 25 in November.