November 2015

26 November 2015

Top tips for securing a 'yes' vote at referendum

This month we've spoken to key figures in neighbourhood planning including communities who have passed their referendum as well as experts who have supported groups through the whole process. We ask them for their top tips in securing a 'yes' vote at referendum. Here's what they said:

26 November 2015

What does the Housing and Planning Bill mean for neighbourhood planning?

With a new Government it is not unusual to see changes and tweaks being made to the planning system. This Parliament is no different and with the introduction of the Housing and Planning Bill we will yet again see further changes and tweaks being made. This article explains how the Bill is seeking to improve the neighbourhood planning process by ensuring decisions are made in a timely manner by the local planning authority (LPA).

26 November 2015

Delivering neighbourhood planning: the achievements so far

With the milestone of the 100th referendum now achieved, it seems an appropriate moment to reflect upon some of neighbourhood planning's success stories. In this article we revisit three quite different neighbourhood plans - Woodcote, Inner East Preston, and Balsall Heath, and consider the journey each community has taken both prior to and since achieving a yes vote at referendum.

25 November 2015

October / November 2015: referendum news

There has been yet another bumper crop of referendum in October and November. So far, 20 neighbourhood plans have passed referendum with 12 achieving a yes vote of over 90%.